Admission & Registration
Admission requirements vary slightly according to the program the applicant is seeking admission for and/or individual circumstances. The school or department in which the applicant wishes to register may prescribe certain additional course requirements if the student is deemed to be deficient.

Admission Requirements

A student needs to present to the Registrar’s office

  1. Certified photocopy(s) of secondary school certificates/result slips
  2. Other certified certificates/diplomas if applicable.
  3. Original Bank Slip receipt. Ensure all fee is paid through Bank account, Agent receipt will be accepted.
  4. Recent colored passport-size photographs (attach one to the form).
  5. Copy of National Identity Card/Passport/Birth Certificate.

Note:No application will be considered until all the requirements of this application form are dully completed and all required documents have been received in the Registrar’s Office.

Please Note that fees once paid is Not refunded, ensure to clear all your fees to ensure smooth learning.

Admission of International Students
International students may be admitted if they hold either comparable certification or university admission status in their own country.

Academic Documents for Admission
At the time of the student’s first registration, the student is required to present original documents. They will be certified and returned to the student.

Students are required to report to the college on the scheduled date (intakes) so that they may register on time and begin classes on time.  During registration, new students are given orientation to the college and its programs and facilities.

Registration Procedures
There are Three basic steps in the registration procedure is as follows:

1. At the Finance Office, students need to
• Arrange financial payment
• Obtain financial clearance
• Obtain fee follow up Cards
Note: Keep the fee follow up card safe for day to day use.

2. At the Dean of Student’s Office, students need to
• Obtain their residential status,
• Obtain their student ID cards

3. At the Registrar’s Office, students need to
• Obtain a registration form,
• Complete registration of student’s detail.

Students who, for any reason, arrive after the closing date of registration may be allowed to register. we have three intakes in a year, January, May and September.