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  1. I have been satisfied with your information on CPAs but I would like you to tell me whether the requirements are required for a person who has joined a campus and also how much does it cost one to do a diploma in CPA part 1. Thankyou

  2. Thank you Geofrey for showing your interest.
    applicants who are joining for the first time MUST submit the following:
    1. certified photocopy(s) of K.C.S.E / Diploma or degree
    2. copy of National identify card & Birth certificate
    3. three recent colored passports
    4. Admission /Application charges
    Tuition fees per level (levels I-III) is Ks 15,000. duration is 6 months per level
    please note: No application will be considered until all the requirements of the application are completed. Thanks and welcome.

    1. Sorry for my late reply, currently we do not have online cpa classes you have to physically attend the lessons, thank you

  3. I am interested in Entrepreneurship studies-Diploma. Is it offered online or how much is school based programme. Kindly give me full information as I want to start immediately.

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